A New Winter


“Rodin was a proponent of metamorphosis as a principle of style, and let himself be guided by the chance blots and aureoles of water color.”
– Rodin museum, Paris, France

“As the weeks and months progress, it seems that the more you tap into that vast pool of potential and strength that lies within you, the more magic and abundance you can attract into your life. Key theme for 2012: Transformation.”
– Sarah-Jane Grace, 2012 Astro Forcast (Leo)

What does it take to make a change? Some may say a good plan. Others, a good reason. Change can develop organically, or be beckoned by an emotion that forces you elsewhere. As the New Year approached and crested, I decided that change is best guided by a healthy does of chance.

I have been feeling like Rodin: dipping my brush into a pretty sunset pink or lemon yellow, holding it over the paper, taking a deep breath, and connecting brush, paint and surface. I have been paying attention to what develops. While many artists, and at times Rodin, carefully control their brush strokes, in his water colors, Rodin first observed what was taking shape before making his next move. I imagine he entered an almost meditative state, let his eyes go hazy, memories flying, imagination expanding before inspiration struck. His watercolors weren’t rushed, and once he realized the path of the pool of paint, he created another image entirely around the chance shapes.

When you read musings on change (thus chance), it’s often preached that you have to leave comfort behind. Why is this so? I don’t know, yet I find it to be true. Comfort is ease, luxury and coziness; things you don’t think of when you hear “change”. During a yoga practice this morning, my teacher even went so far as to say that “change is pain.” It’s the time you keep your eyes peeled, especially when you’re not sure exactly what it is you’re looking for…until you do.

I’m living in a hybrid state of comfort and change. And I’m excited. The past two months have brought travel to inspiring places with like-minded people: I laughed over plum liquor in Parma with six brilliant girls; admired the Eiffel Tower on the horizon during Christmas time with my family; rode my bicycle along the Po River in Turin; shouted “Bonne annee!” in Lyon as the clock struck midnight on January 1st; pruned a vineyard on a sunny day in the foothills of the Langhe with two new friends; gazed at the snow covered Alps perched on a stone wall in Salutzzo without an inkling of the time. These are my favorite memories so far. These have the power to transform.

This new learning has carved bright, clean places in my body and mind that I’m free to let air; once the band-aid rip of change stopped stinging, the healing, the regeneration, the transformation began. It’s imperative to remain open and believe that the gamble you took brought you to the places and feelings you were meant to find. We alone shape every moment, harnessing and projecting our light and grace to see what we desire manifest in front of our eyes. It happens when you take a chance.


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