Erin, Maura and Julie met three years ago in Philadelphia. As fate would have it, they fled the area within months of one another to see what a few other corners of the world had to offer. To update their friends, family and innocent onlookers on their travels abroad – PHILAbroads was created. Follow their adventures of purpose, confusion, acceptance, discomfort and delight, let them know about your own and come visit!

julie: In 2011, propelled by her love of farmers and abhorrence of plastic bags, Julie moved to Italy to study Food Culture and Communication at the University of Gastronomic Sciences. For one year, she lived nestled under the Alps in a town called Bra, and went to school in the Savoy family’s summer house. Now again residing in Philadelphia, Julie periodically continues her domestic and international travel. Her most recent trip was to San Benito, Nicaragua, where she helped to construct a school for 94 primary students.

erin: From 20011 to 2013, Erin is pursued a consulting position in Lusaka, Zambia, where she managed a medical commodities supply chain project and heavily researched all lovely things Zambian. That was her first trip to Africa, but surely not her last, as she hopes to continue to live happy, fun and fascinating life in international public health.

maura: Maura is grateful to be exactly where she wants to be in life and is looking forward to learning how to enjoy that, which other cultures seem to be more adept at doing. Although she still doesn’t quite understand how technology and the Internet work, she is appreciating how they have afforded her the opportunity to edit for an amazing newswire – and to do so from abroad. Having lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for six months in 2011, Maura was thrilled to work on a lifetime goal of mastering the Spanish language. From college classes to magic realism novels, she has always been enchanted by the Latin American region and is excited to start exploring it firsthand. Maura continues to work with the west coast newswire, and her work takes her around the world.


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  1. The idea of this blog is just SO exciting! It kind of makes me feel like leaving everything behind and going abroad to explore this wide wide unknown world.

    I really wish the best of luck to all of you!

    Maura, as I have mentioned lots of times already, I am sending you good vibrations from Brazil! Really hope you will have the chance to come here – and to Recife. I also hope that after you master Spanish – which I bet will be super quick – you take up the challenge of learning Portuguese!

    I look forward to reading more about your adventures!

    All the best!


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